Our Vision, Mission & Core Values


Our focus on Innovation is the key to maintaining or gaining leadership position in every market- in which we operate.


Scada Foods seeks to realize its vision by:

  • To achieve sustainable profitability through quality growth.
  • Optimizing efficiency in operative and administrative process.
  • To leverage on active portfolio.
  • To faster Industry leadership in innovation.
  • To be the most preferable employees in our own industry.

Our Core Values

  • Excellence

    Commitment to innovate and learn continuously to ensure that we keep striving for the best outcomes in all facets of life.

  • Ethical Conduct

    Integrity, Fairness, Honesty and Transparency in all actions.

  • Global Outlook

    The Scada Foods welcomes and encourages diverse Ideas, Beliefs, and Cultures.

  • Promote Leadership

    Our Company believes that leaders create leadership skills in others, thus igniting a virtuous cycle of growth.

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