Scada​ Foods Private Limited, a company registered in India, a sister concern of Scada Overseas Exim Pvt Ltd which after succeeding in multi-dimensional businesses globally during last decades, has recently diversified their interest into the most exciting field of Dairy, Beverage and Snacks.

As a brand SCADA FOODS is aiming to enter wide variety of healthy​-n-nutritious food and beverage products with a strong global marketing vision.

Our motto is to supply pure and healthy organic Dairy products; in Beverage Category we want to supply fresh and healthy Nectars, Fruit Juices, Hard Soda, Hot Drinks, Mixed Drinks, etc; and in Snacks category we aim at producing variety of tasty and healthy Indian snacks recipes from different corner and produce them in a platter to the people under one brand name.


A complete range of Dairy from Paneer, Cheeze, Milk, Butter, Ghee etc.


Juice & Drink Category (Nectars, Fruit Juices, Hard soda, Hot Drinks, Mixed drinks, etc) which are available in Tetra Pack in 1000, 500, 250, 200 ML.


Varieties of snacks ranges from vegetarian to Non-vegetarin Chips Viz: Tandoori Masala Chips, Chings Masala Chips, Chilli Butter Masala Chips, Chicken Tangri Chips etc.

The Past Legacy

SCADA OVERSEAS EXIM(P) Ltd. incorporated in India and registered as a private Limited Company since 2004 the company is primarily engaged in coal mining, coal washing and handling with its major operations in India and Indonesia.

SOE started its operations in 2004 as a coal trading company and over the years have grown and expanded by acquiring coal mines in Indonesia venturing into coal washing units in India and Indonesia. SOE currently is mining washing and handling about 5.5 Million tons per annum. SOE along with its group companies have also acquired manganese mining properties in Indonesia and are at exploration stage.

Accumulatively have a reserve base of 100 Million tons of coal distributed under 4 mining concessions in Indonesia. Having offices in India, Indonesia, Singapore and having partners and business associates for Finance, Legal, and Geology survey and drilling.

Scada Foods is co-founded by Vij Brothers whose past experiences in mining business is worth watching. They have also immense experience in the education sector which was preliminary helped them to establish as successful entrepreneurs.

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